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What Is WeChat Official Account?

WeChat Business Account Apply
Wechat official account also knew as wechat business account. That’s one of the latest wechat public account services under Tencent. How It Can Help my Business to create Loyalty Consumer……..

WeChat seems to have really nailed the delicate balance of an platform that commingles personal and business contacts. Almost  80% of WeChat’s more half-billion monthly active users follow one or more of the 8.5M Official Accounts. This should be credit much of this success to the way of Tencent biased the mechanics of the platform in favor of consumer protections.

Businesses can choose from WeChat Official Account

 Subscription account which can broadcast a message at most once daily, without a push notification, and that lands in the user’s content subscriptions folder.
Service account, which can broadcast at most four times per month, but does send a push notification, and appears in the user’s inbox inline with their personal contacts.
If your content isn’t quality, I can swipe and unfollow your WeChat Official Account in seconds. Otherwise if a WeChat user messages my Official Account, we can talk freely for up to forty-eight hours since the last message.


How to Apply WeChat Official Account?

1) Submit WeChat Official Account Application Form ( )and Attachment together with your Business Registration Form  .

2) WeChat Will send you the Application Code to the new registration email address.

3) Waiting for Approval Result within 2 weeks after received the Application Code.



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Have You Heard Of WeChat Business Account?

WeChat Business Account Known as WeChat Official Account. In China, 40,000 WeChat Official Account has been registered in every day. This is because of the WeChat Official Account is the key of the Personal Media. A lot of celebrities are using the WeChat Official Account instead of the blog, Facebook and website to do the advertising. Compared with the Facebook, blog and website, WeChat official Account is a platform to helping you for Data Collection, and enable your company to develop a connection with your loyalty customer. WeChat Official Account can transfer the visitors to loyal customers also knew as Followers.


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What is WeChat Official Account?

OA Type

WeChat official account – There are 3 types of Official Account. Service Account, Subscription Account and Corporate Account can broadcast information to its followers. The followers can discuss and leave the message in the broadcast message and repost in their own WeChat sharing section (WeChat moment), WeChat friend, Facebook, email, WhatsApp, line, and other social media platform.

How to register WeChat Subscription  Account?

WeChat currently supports self-service registration for WeChat Official Accounts for Chinese businesses and individuals, while organizations outside of China will need to log in directly for registration. We walk you through three different processes below.

Registering WeChat  Malaysia Official Accounts

For organizations of Malaysia, all you need to do is contact us with the following information:

  • Desired Display Name
  • WeChat ID
  • The associated log in email address
  • Request a Service Account or Subscription Account (What’s the difference?)
  • A short introduction about your business.

Once your account is setup, WeChat will email you your WeChat ID and password, which you will need to check our reply email from