Wondering How You Can Setup Your Biz/Online Store in WeChat?

     WeChat started opening Biz Account (which is called “Official Account”) for organizations & enterprises in year 2012. We just started to offer WeChat Official Accounts in Malaysia.

        WeChat currently have 600 Mil users crowds worldwide, 500 Mil users in China & 100 Mil from overseas, majority from South East Asia.

What You Can Do With WeChat Official Account?

   The revolution of mobile internet & technologies open up tremendous opportunity for businesses. We can see that more & more people are spending a lot of times online with their mobile phones everyday. How powerful your business could be if you can build your business activities within that social circles?

        WeChat Official Account lets you build a ‘virtual biz website’ inside WeChat. Regardless of whether you’re doing B2C or B2B businesses, it serves you a medium for your business to interact with your online prospect customers.

         Inside WeChat official account, we can help to build in a lot of O2O(Online-to-Offline) marketing functions such as table/service appointment booking, VIP membership & promo voucher system etc, and of course product ordering system and e-commerce too.

 What Is O2O(Online-to-Offline) Marketing?

      The Mobile Online business opportunity is huge. But, you can’t start moving your business everything online now! Because you don’t have any business base online yet. That’s where you need the O2O(Online-to-Offline) Biz Model to kick in first.

Retail O2O model

 An example of O2O Biz Model for Retail Industry

         If you have an offline business now, you need to start moving some of your business processes such as product menu viewing, customer feedback, consumer social media sharing, info checking, promotion, new product arrival, company events & activities update etc to better service your existing customers. That’s offline to online.

         Vice verse, you can also target new prospect customers online and bring them to your real-world outlet stores or offline business through some marketing campaigns and strategies.  That’s what O2O marketing all about.

          The WeChat Official Account will help you to serve both of your O2O marketing purposes; offline-to-online & online-to-offline.

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